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Are you ready to Torch Fat faster than ever?

We have your solution! Introducing: Men’s Health 10-MINUTE TORCHERS, the revolutionary DVD fitness system that allows you to customize every single workout—for the results you want in the time you have. The only equipment you’ll need is your body and just one pair of dumbbells—nothing more! All to help you: Burn away belly flab! Fry off love handles! Light your metabolism on fire!

Check It Out! Burn Away Belly Flab! Fry Off Love Handles! Light Your Metabolism on Fire!

To create this 3-DVD program, fitness expert B.J. Gaddour has designed 12 all-new cutting-edge routines—what we call TORCHERS—that crank up the heat on your body fat using fast-paced metabolic resistance training. Each TORCHER takes just 10 minutes to complete. You can do just one—for a quick metabolism boost—or combine two, three, four, or even more TORCHERS for a seriously intense fat-burning workout. The more TORCHERS you accumulate, the more fat you incinerate!

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Build the World’s Best Workout

With 10-MINUTE TORCHERS, you can mix and match any routine for a seemingly endless variety of workouts. In fact, you can create 1,728 different 30-minute workout combinations! (Yes—1,728!)

Torch Fat 2X Faster! Torch Fat 2X Faster!


Every single TORCHER is strategically designed using a series of 10 exercises. So you’ll do 10 sets of exercises in every 10-MINUTE TORCHER. That’s more than most people do in twice that amount of time! Have time for a double? You’ll fire through 20 sets of exercises in 20 minutes. Have 30 minutes or more? Keep going—to keep torching!


In this unique 3-DVD series, you not only have the ability to create your own workouts, but you can also follow the 10-WEEK FAT TORCH—a done-for-you program that gives you a detailed day-by-day plan for sculpting the lean, ripped body you want. Plus, you can choose from 25 premade fat-torching combos, such as the Beach-Ready Torcher, the Date-Night Torcher, and the 1,000-Calorie Torcher (the ultimate way to offset a major holiday feast!).

PLUS! Besides burning fat at a blistering rate, every 10-MINUTE TORCHER has a built-in body-shaping benefit. So in any workout, you can choose to:

Hammer Your Arms! Sculpt Your Abs! Crush Your Legs! Blast Your Upper Body!

or ALL OF THE ABOVE! It’s all up to you!

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